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Secretary General of the United Nations

Wars down the ages have killed and maimed billions, and have the ability to destroy all development agendas overnight.

From 1945 onward, more than half a billion have died and many more injured as a result of inter-state and intra-state wars. Humanity needs a world without wars in order to survive and develop.

The post-2015 Global Development Goals of the United Nations (which continues the path taken by the Millennium Development Goals) offer a historic opportunity for the whole of humanity to rally together and demand a world without wars; and global peace.

A post-2015 development agenda which does not pledge nation-states towards global peace and elimination of all wars will be meaningless to some, hollow to many and irrelevant to all of humanity.

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We the undersigned, call on the UN to include 'Global Peace and End to All Wars' as a Post-2015 Development Goal.

The targets include, a world without war by 2030, restrictions on production and sale of small arms, dismantling of nuclear arms, a stop to establishment of military bases outside one's borders, and the launch of a more democratic global governance system.

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