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Outbackjacks Horse Rescue Petition.

After recent situations with regard to horses requiring rescue, in our opinion things need to change. Although we help as much as we can, we are still limited in what we can do as a small nonprofit horse rescue.

We receive on the average, a call a day with people asking for help. Most of the time we refer them to the RCMP and the BCSPCA. However, with the increase in these calls and abuse issues, we are going out on more calls than ever.

Outbackjacks believes in working for what we believe in. This is the reason for not seeing a donate button on our website. I started a horse rescue thrift store in the town of Princeton a few years back and one in Keremeos this year where we take unwanted items and sell them to support our cause. Times ,howeve, are changing and it’s time to make a bigger difference in the abuse in horses and other farm animals. We are having a meeting on the 25th with influential people and will be presenting this petition in hope to make the following changes.

Our hopes are to convince the provincial government that a people funded rescue for horses and farm animals in this region is well over due. Our request to them will not be for money but for more authority to be able to have the power to seize, if necessary. The team at Outbackjacks Horse Rescue is willing to take any other courses they deem necessary to accomplish this. This would make a time space smaller for the animals in need and allow a faster course of criminal action against the abusers of said animals.

By signing today, you are giving the rescues an opportunity that is far over due. Going to call after call and having to walk away from the animal in need because we cannot get a surrender is not tolerable anymore. Most of these animals are in need right at that moment and most calls come in long before help ever gets to them.

Please help us and sign today and become a part of the future. The future of a better way of life for horses and farm animals.

We at Outbackjacks Horse Rescue call on the the People of the world who love animals.

A people funded rescue for horses and farm animals in this region is well over due.

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