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Pc players having more controls than console players that makes playing on pc fun you know spamming the lean button is always joyful

I dont know this feature might work and might not but ubisoft shoud really consider doing that although it is useful many people might not want to have this feature i personally do since it is very useful
It is my first time doing a petition so i dont know that to write in the backgroud so sorry if you are bored or something

We all know in rainbow six siege there is something called leaning that is available in every platform.
But leaning without aiming* is not an option to console player unlike pc players
In a controller there are many buttons,some of them are binded and some of them dont there are 2 buttons found on the D-pad left and right button only the right one is not binded plus the touchpad

So why not using the left right buttons to lean without aiming since it would be a very helpful option in some situations ane also it come in handy when peaking a corner and what not while using the touchpad to ping

If you think this is a good feature that should or could be added to console player just sign up to this petition


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