Supercity Game Makers

What we would like:

Extra city ports for our city, extra universitys, two sources of water.

We also feel that when you visit your neighbor and you click on lets say the stationary store you should get a pen....or when you click on a farm you should get whatever it is that it's making.....other games do that....and it would encourage you to visit your neighbors more often

Increase output... like once you get to level 25 or so, you get 3 planks each time or something.

We, The supercity Community, requst that you listen to our voices in that we feel that 1 city port is not enough.

Most of the buildings require certain objects to be made first to build these buildings in the first place.

These objects take considerable time to be made and we are sat around waiting for these objects to be built before we can carry on our game play.

PLEASE LET US HAVE EXTRA CITY PORTS or something that helps us gets these objects quicker. We would be very grateful.

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