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mayt@parliament.uk; camerond@parliament.uk
United Kingdom

Please give UK citizens the same rights as Europeans to bring their family in to the UK.

Most British citizens do not realise that they do not have the same immigration rights (in returning to the UK with a family) as European citizens. Thousands of British people are either forced to leave the UK or prevented from being with their family due to much more stringent rules on families of British citizens.

British Immigration Law explicitly declares British people to be non-European, and thus not protected by European law. A European can enter the UK with a partner (from anywhere in the world) if they have lived with them in Europe for 2 years i.e. durable relationship.

A British citizen has much stricter conditions: (i) minimum income £18.6k (more if they have children) (ii) must be married (iii) must speak English. None of these conditions apply to European citizens entering the UK with partner and/or family.

Thousands of British citizens are either denied their human right to a family life, or forced to leave their own country. The income requirements and the marriage requirements cause particular problems (e.g. inability to get a divorce under foreign laws, and thus impossible to remarry - forever preventing the British citizen from returning).

Please give British people returning to the UK equal rights to Europeans entering the UK and prevent this terrible injustice. This will reunite thousands of families who have been divided for years by an inequitable and unjust law.

We call on you to give British citizens the same rights to bring their families into the UK as European citizens currently have.

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