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This is Easy! Tebow is Forbes Most Influential Athlete in the World and has the ability to fill stadium seats and produce wins for Any Team in the NFL given the chance. It is time to stop hiding from the Truth and to let Fate decide.

Fate has chosen Tebow and it is High Time to allow Fate to Succeed in this Sport. It's not always what some scout has to say. What About Tebow's Combine where he far out performed a very good circle of talented QB's in the draft? What about Tebow's Ability to overcome all the critics and Win despite the constant doubt and Flat Out Jealousy of those whom prefer to stand in the LimeLight over Tebow!

Tebow's Light Cannot be just Turned off because it is a light that is magnified by the Grass Roots movement of the people whom love him and love what he is about, these same people believe in him and believe that he has the potential to be one of the Greatest NFL Players of All Time!

We as the Fans of both The (NFL) and of Tim Tebow are hereby Petitioning the (NFL) to stand by they're principles of being an Equal Opportunity Employer giving Tebow His Fair Shot as a Starting NFL Player in the NFL!

We believe and as proof do hereby Pledge to Buy NFL Apparel and Tickets from the Box office of ANY team where Tim Tebow is a Starter IF the (NFL) decides to do the right thing and find a Starting Job For this Very Talented and Gifted Athlete in Tim Tebow!

We are asking that the National Football League does not turn it's back on Tim Tebow, his fans, and Fate!

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