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Kohei Horikoshi

The women of the recent manga/anime My Hero Acadamia or Boku No Hero Acadamia in Japanese, have extremely sexualized outfits evwn for the characters who are underage.

Take Momo Yaororozo for example, her quirk creation requires skin to be shown, yet Horikoshi made it so her chest half hanging out. There are alternatives than to have her chest half popping out of her uniform, like sports bras and shorts with an opening in the back. Which shows the same amount if not more skin for her to proporly use her quirk.

Overall, I thi k us fans would appriciate it if there weren't boobs half hanging out becuase this is a show mostly viewed by kids. Besides, theres so many redesigns of the characters outfits it's clear that a majoeity of us don't like it.

Besides the people who actually like mineta. Piss off.

Please sign to make Horokoshi realize that showing the clevage of underage girls isn't settling well with the audience.

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