Scott Obrien-Curcie
United States of America

Nov 08, 2005

My goal is to get a Four Seasons song back in the top 10. I was thinking possibly Bye Bye Baby or Save it for Me or Opus 17. A great song that hasn't been played a million times.

It really isn't that difficult it just takes work (requesting the song on Adult Contemporary, Top 40 and Oldies stations and a little cash-we have to go buy what we already own). Possibly a split single (seasons on one side and Solo on the back - perhaps Streetfighter, though not sure who owns it).

The first step would be convincing someone at Rhino to release a cd single. This petition will be sent to Rhino Records. With the success of Jersey Boys this is a plausable idea.

I think 5 decades on the charts is a goal we could all achieve and would be a great thank you to the Boys.

We want Rhino Records to release a four seasons single so they can have five decades on the charts.

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