Stephanie Burton
United States of America

Clay County Board of Education to sell old school buildings to the highest bidder. In some cases these buildings are in great danger of being knocked down and sold for scrap.

These buildings are important to our communities. We believe that without honoring the past, we lose something important as a people.

We want to make room for economic growth while maintaining our cultural heritage.

The Communities of Mellow Valley, Millerville, and Barfield are petitioning you to give us back the buildings of Mellow Valley High School and Elementary School as well as Bibb Graves High School, Millerville Elementary School, and Barfield Elementary School.

We, as citizens, believe that these buildings are vital to the history of our communities and we would like the chance to preserve that history as well as find ways to serve our communities. We hope that with some time we can develop some plans to generate income as well as pool together community pride.

In addition, we petition for the safeguarding the properties of Lineville Elementary and High Schools and Ashland Elementary, Middle, and High School. against any and all future plans that would destroy them.

These buildings are historical and should be treated as such.

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