Recently, the website Quizazz.com was revamped. Before, it used to be a classic page where users could browse through many quizzes and stories with ease.

Now, the whole design has been changed. To view the latest posts, you have to go to home. To browse through slightly older stories and quizzes, you have to select which ones to browse through, while keeping another tab open to keep track of latest posts. Even the name of the site has been changed from Quizazz to Quotev.

Quotef now looks like FaceBook, which many do not want. Please bring back the old Quizazz that so many of us are familiar with.

We, the undersigned, request for Quotev to revert back to the old Quizazz, to bring back the old layout, and to stay the old, familiar, and comforting Quizazz.

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The Give Quizazz Back! petition to Quotef was written by Misaki Katana and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.

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