In lieu of Recent news with regard to the postponement of the premieres of the new episodes of T.U.F.F. Puppy, we have decided to appeal to you, the production team of Nickelodeon Studios Inc. to give ear to our appeals and our pleas with regards to the said show.

1. The recent announcement of the postponement of the premiering of the episodes "Dog House" and "Time Waits for No Mutt" has sparked tension within the fan-base of this show. Though we may not be fully knowledgable about what may have caused such action to have been taken, we wish to express and convey our concern regarding this matter. The said show has experienced a very slow release of episodes during these past months; this also has happened in the past year during the summer. In good faith, we appeal for a more rapid and consistent release of episodes.

2. The show in question has been reputed as a hometowned show by many of its critics. Contrary to these erroneous claims, It has also been proven that the said show has done magnificently in an international standard and in other foreign sectors of Nickelodeon Inc. Ratings, based on independent sources in Nick Asia, with regard to the show, have been doing exceptionally well and has been patronized by many viewers.

3. Reasonable doubt has been cast in regard to such claims of the show having very dismal standings. Contradictory to claims of abysmal ratings during its early days. You, yourselves, have claimed early success to the show citing it has risen rapidly to "#2 in the network" in a brief time. According to some sources T.U.F.F. Puppy, in the last couple Saturdays of October in 2010 was among the top-rated animated shows. The reason for this was its time-slot, then it was 10 AM Eastern Time. No network can expect high ratings if a show is aired only in the early mourning, so here we beg of you to give T.U.F.F. Puppy a more accessible time-slot for its viewers.

We, the undersigned, ask Nickelodeon to give more attention to their TV show "T.U.F.F. Puppy" and to look into our requests & try to take advice from them.

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