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The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
United States of America

May 11, 2006

I am outraged that such a talented and respected artist - who has been performing for more than 15 years & is the #1 BIGGEST SELLING RECORDING ARTIST IN HISTORY, yes, history, has not even been honoured with a lousy star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

It outrages me even more to see people like Destiny's Child, the Olsen twins and Britney Spears, although also very talented, have recieved one and Mariah still hasn't. What are people thinking?

So please, if you are a fan and would like to see Mariah recieve a star (which she should have gotten a LONG time ago - when 1998's Butterfly reached #1) please sign this petition!!!

Thankyou :)

Give Mariah Carey a star on the Walk of Fame!

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