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Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan State Legislature
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On February 7, 2017, Governor Snyder ended water credits to Flint residents before the water is safe.

In May, notices went out to 8,000 homes that liens would be placed on their homes for unpaid balances due to the termination of the water credits.

The NAACP, and the ACLU agreed that the liens were unlawful because the water residents are forced to pay for is still unsafe.

The Governor's office claims the water is safe due to minimal testing:
- Less than 1% one of homes in Flint were tested. 341 of over 30,000 homes.
- The first test said 90% of 341 homes were under 12 ppb meaning.
- As many as 34 homes in their test were over 12 ppb.
- A 2nd round of testing in November 2016 said 90% were under 8ppb.
- The CDC discourages children from drinking water of 5ppb.
- Residents are still suffering rashes and hair loss from bathing in the water.
- Anti-biotic resistant bacteria has been identified collecting in our filters.
- Bacteria collected has caused respiratory infections in residents.
- Lead service line replacements are ongoing causing spikes in lead count.

No level of lead in water is safe. Experts recommend that children and immune compromised people do drink water over 5ppb. Our water source was switched by a decision of the Governor's appointees, while Flint was under Emergency Management. After international outcry, our water was determined unsafe. Water donations ran out, and the Governor made bottled water pick up available at fire stations. Because we were still paying the highest rates in the country for toilet water, the Governor provided water credits to subsidize out of pocket costs to victims of this tragedy.

Now we need the Governor to resume the water credits until every home in Flint has water which tests until 5ppb.

WE, the undersigned call on Governor Snyder to resume water credits until every Flint home has water which tests less than 5ppb. No amount of lead in water is safe but this month, a Flint family was reported in the news as having 74 ppb! The Governor's testing shows that only 306 of Flint's 30,000 homes have water under 12ppb /8ppb of lead is no reassurance to the other tens of thousands of families. Children should not drink water over 5ppb. The State of Michigan has a billion dollar Rainy Day Fund. Therefore, until the water is really safe, Flint really needs help.

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