#Animal Rights
To give curious George the tail he deserves

We all know the childhood Tv Show Curious George (and if you don't know what it is then clearly your not from the best generation ever and you were a deprived, sad and sick child), well it is actually still playing on Television worldwide right now. But there is an issue that has arisen involving the MONKEY that is the lead character (otherwise known as Curious George) he doesn't have a tail.... and everyone knows that he is a MONKEY. So what happened there?

You are signing this petition to give Curious George the tail he deserves and longs for. Frankly, it's just animal rights isn't it? WE HAVE WAITED TO LONG to deprive him of his monkey rights any longer. Its time that we come to our senses, maybe sue the makers of Curious George along the way and serve justice to the world. Sign today and your saving tomorrow. The future will be a better place for your signiture. Its the little things in life that matter the most. And one of them.. giving George his tail!

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