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Positively the most important cartoon of your day, "The Breakfast Monkey" is an edible extravaganza through the wacky world of our squeaky-voiced hero - a monkey with the power of "breakfast magic."

His uncanny ability to produce wily waffles and bewitched bacon works wonders in warding off the evil cast of crazy characters of Mod City..

Join the Breakfast Monkey and his trusty sidekicks, Crazy Boy and Tinkle Fish, as they try -with good intentions but sometime disastrous results- to spread good food and good cheer to everyone they meet. Whether they like it or not.

Breakfast Monkey is a Cartoon/comic created by Joe Boyle, Barb Nash, and last but NOT LEAST Gerard Way!(Vocals for the band My Chemical Romance). I dont think Gerard cares to fondly of Breakfast Monkey and he's very busy with My Chemical Romance so new episodes wont be in the future, but the pilot is still around so I think that Cartoon Network needs to show it anyways like late at night on the commercial break or whatever.

Give Breakfast Monkey the credit it deserves!!

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