Beaufort County Parks and Leisure Services / Bluffton Youth Sports
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Trying to organize over 600 of our kids, Bluffton Youth Sports (BYS) has been in charge of the youth baseball/softball program in Bluffton, SC for three seasons.

Due to the fact that they try to run this organization in their "spare time", the job they have done has been ineffective at best. In addition to their inability to effectively run the youth baseball/softball program, they also take it upon theirselves to make judgements and decisions which are not based on facts but instead serve the purpose of their own adgendas and biases. When asked about their decisions, they either dodge questions or tell the opposite of the truth.

After being called out on these issues, one of the board members recently physically threatened a coach that had the integrity and the right to speak up. Their concerns are for their own good and not for the good of our children. This is supposed to be about what's best for our children. Any organization who puts themselves in front of the people they lead, denies the truth to the public and physically threatens those that have the right to speak up does not deserve to stand. Enough is enough.

We, the undersigned, call on Bluffton Youth Sports to render control of the Dixie Youth Baseball/Softball program in Bluffton, SC to Beaufort County Parks and Leisure Services immediately.

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