WMG has taken down all videos from YouTube that even slightly use any of their content. They have recently ended their contract with YouTube because they we "not getting enough money." I know we are in a recession, but surely the richest music company on Earth has some money.

No-one on YouTube claims to own their content, an most people just use it as something in the background eg. over pictures.

Users of the video-sharing website "YouTube", wish it to be known that, although some content was used, that none of the people using such content wish to claim it as their own or sell it for profit.

People who use songs as background music have had their videos removed, and very few have received them back. The best example for this is Kristyfio's video "RIP Kerry Ranney! I love you! (L)". Kristy has received her video back, but others who use content for the same reason have not.

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