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Give Back Our Kids!

We are a family from Hungary seeking help.

Our two beloved children were taken away by authorities in 2010 when we collapsed. Our life was reorganized by 2011, but our children have not yet been given back even now. Our two little sons (5 and 3,5), who want to come home, are still away. We are allowed to meet them just once a week, despite the fact that our third child, who was born in 2012, lives with us.

We have never hurt or beaten our children. They have known no hunger or cold. We have not been alcoholics. We have not used drogs. We have not divorced. Our children were happy by us and they are happy when they are on visitations at home.

At the guardians our older son has behavioral disorders (fit of anger), and the younger cannot speak at all at the age of 3 and a half.

The guardians are the grandparents of the mother side. The guardian-grandparents do not want us to get back our sons. They have reported us, the other grandmother and our lawyer to courts and police.

Lots os psychologic and psychiatric experts, the child wellfare service and the family on the father's side are on our opinion that all of our children should live with us.

But this autumn the court of first instance sentenced our sons to stay under guardianship for long.

Many newspaper articles and even the televison have dealt with our case in Hungary, but our sons are still away. Have a look at the TV riport:


You can see in it our children-friendly home, happy third child and our love towards the other two. We have a Hungarian website with many documents too:

and you can find videos about us on Youtube under the name of Gépész Betti.

We want to protest against the court sentence by canvassing for signitures from all over the world.

(Our Hungarian petition with about 300 signitures is also available at: http://www.peticiok.com/adjatok_vissza_gyermekeinket ).

Give Back Our Kids!

We, the undersigned, call on the Hungarian authorities to let the Pinter family join each other in the best interest of their three children.

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