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Shenandoah County Public Schools
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As a parent you never want to see your child or any other child suffer. This leads me to our story. Tommy Caison is known for his Athletic ability all over the East Coast. But a bad decision and one night changed his life, maybe forever. Everyone makes mistakes, and we hope to learn from them! At the height of his Jr. year, Tommy and the Central Falcons Varsity Football team were headed to the Regional playoffs, when a so-called friends ask Tommy to hang out.

After injuring his ankle the previous game, he limped his way into the vehicle, they would end up at a cabin. The friends stole some firearms, and the way the system works is all parties are guilty. After spending 7 months in a Juvenile facility, Tommy has successfully finished his program, 30 days early, with the love and respect of the Administrators of the program.

So as any American citizen who has served his debt to society, he has changed his friends and his life for the better. So here is the problem… after doing everything possible to successfully complete the program, Tommy had to had to complete his Jr yr. while being away, which he did. Tommy doesn't even need to go a full school year to graduate this year. But the issue is, Tommy is on the radar with many Div. 1 colleges, and with a Sr. Year he could earn his way to college. This decision was left up to the principal at Central High School here in Woodstock, Melissa Hensley, a former collegiate athlete herself. But she has failed Tommy at this point not allowing him to participate in sports his Sr. yr. Which to me, sounds like "Double Jeopardy" if you pay your debt to society and have to live your life knowing that people that don't know you will judge you for past, would seem like punishment enough! When did we stop caring about kids and care more about the way the school looks to others? In this day and age we see more children's lives cut short and sent to correctional facilities more than ever!

Please sign this petition and leave comments as we take this fight to the School Board Superintendent. We need all the people in this county, state, and Country to take a stand when it comes to our children! Again, I'm not saying that consequences aren't required but I think people take authority to a whole new level. Please find it in your heart to help is with this cause.

We, the undersigned, call on the Superintendent of Shenandoah County Public Schools, to allow Tommy Caison to participate in Athletics in his last year in High School so he can have the chance to become a College Student Athlete, and make a life from the ashes of his past!!

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