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Firstly we have been experiencing many problems with the quality and the lack of consistency in sizing of uniform particularly considering the price of the uniform this is the source of comments and complaints from parents and is something we are largely powerless to remedy.

Under current trading standard rules an item must be fit for purpose, something we are keenly aware of and I do not feel it is unreasonable to expect a uniform to last a girl her whole time in any given section.

Anecdotal evidence from parents suggests they are more amenable to the current prices if the uniform was of better quality, this would also mean second hand uniform would still be wearable which is in keeping with the current messages to reuse things where possible and would be a viable option to members who find the financial impact of starting Guiding particularly difficult.

It is important to us as members of Girlguiding UK that it is clear that all sections of Guiding are part of the same movement. There are a numbers of ways we feel it would be beneficial to combat this problem. Introducing uniform navy trousers, sashes and neckerchiefs for all sections would help, by having the same trousers throughout all sections it would also help spread the expense of uniform. With particular reference to sashes we would like them to be thinner material to enable younger members to sew on their own badges, fastening using poppers or velcro and with something to help younger members keep their sashes from falling off their shoulders.

Another way to unite the different sections would be to have the same designs available for each section but using the sections personalised colour and accent colour.

A smaller selection of options would also allow girls to look more uniform. Currently all Guidance says girls must be allowed to choose from the full range of section wear, for guides this if 4 tops and three 2nd layers. This could easily be limited to a jumper, one long, one short sleeved top and a smart blouse for Guides and Senior Section. This would make us more recognisable to the public, how can we have a good public image if we can't be recognised?

We the undersigned would like numerous changes to the uniform worn by all Guiding sections.

We would like the quality of garments to be improved rather than shrinking or mis-shaping in the wash and the sizing to be standardised.

At the moment the price is too expensive considering the quality. We want to something to link all sections having navy bottoms sashes and neckerchiefs provided in the uniform for all sections.

We would like the sections to be recognisable as part of the same movement by having the same core design in a main colour and an accent colour.
We feel a more limited range of uniform which allows for personal options without detracting from the aim of having a recognisable movement.

This uniform would “hide all differences of social standing in a country and makes for equality; but, more important still, it covers differences of country and race and creed, and makes all feel that they are members with one another of the one great brotherhood.” (Baden Powell, 1938) These changes would evoke a sense of unity not only within each section but across the entire movement.

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