#Consumer Affairs
Felfoldi Foods Ltd, Hungary, Germany
United Kingdom

Felfoldi Foods Ltd in Germany have launched a new "candy" aimed at children called "Vaccine Candy."

These candies come in brightly coloured packets and are PRETEND HYPODERMIC NEEDLES FILLED WITH CANDY! I've lived in some very run down drug affected areas where REAL syringes left by drug addicts are often seen in parks and play areas- a toddler who has seen older children eating these so called "sweets" could easily pick a real syringe up and as all toddlers do, put it straight to their mouth.

And what about the children who unfortunately have to see their parents using drugs intravenously? They will be sat playing mummies and daddies tying belts round each others arms and pretending to inject drugs! In the same way violent video games desensitize children to the dangers of violence and gore, these candies will desensitize to the dangers of needles!


We, the undersigned call on Felfoldi Foods Ltd to remove "Vaccine Candy" from the market IMMEDIATELY.

They could lead to children being desensitized to the dangers of REAL used syringes that unfortunately, in some deprived and drug affected areas are often seen discarded in parks and play areas.

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