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Victoria Police

A video showing a teenage girl getting bashed by eight thugs and the initial police inaction has shocked the country.

The Attack On Mik

The video shows a 16-year-old girl getting punched and repeatedly kicked by a pack of thugs as she sat passively trying to protect her head. Although the beating took place at Southern Cross Station in broad daylight, no one intervened.

The victim's mother told me the savage thugs also dragged her daughter off the bench and stomped on her off-camera.

The photos of Mik taken after the attack were as heartbreaking as the video. She suffered broken ribs, two black eyes and severe bruising all over her body.

Thankfully, physically she will recover. As for the emotional and mental damage, it's impossible to know.

Mainstream Media and Police

The mainstream media refused to give the story any airtime because it didn't suit their narrative. As a result, the Police had almost no pressure to open an investigation. They claimed to the distraught mother, that "without a victim statement, they can't do anything".

Mik says she is too scared to make a statement. She has real fears of retaliation by her attackers.

So I was forced to step in and do the mainstream media's job for them. I posted the shocking footage that has since gone viral.

In response: Victoria police now say they have officially opened an investigation, even without the victim's statement.

It's Petition Time

Now that we have the momentum, we can't let up. We need to make sure Police follow through and not just let it "blow over".

Nothing could justify such a vicious attack on a defenceless girl. We need these violent and brazen thugs off our streets. NOW!

Otherwise, any of our children could be their next victims.

Let's send a message to Police that we demand that the entire gang is brought to justice for the sickening attack.

Please SIGN & SHARE this petition far and wide!

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