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The Homebake Organisers and The Big Day Out Organisers (Vivian Lees and Ken West)

When you're at a White Room show, you're not just listening to their music, you're being sucked into a world where you escape all the crap thats going on today.

Whether it be stressing about work, whats on the news or the fight you've just had with your girlfriend/ boyfriend, those things don't even enter your mind once these guys hit their first note. Heres a brief history on the band:

The White Room (formally known as Plunja) are a Rock band hailing from Geelong Victoria. Forming in 1999, with Marc Collis (Vocalist/Guitarist) and sister Stephanie (Drums) they recruited family friends Ben Jarvis (guitar) & Barry Brauer (bass) to join them and began hitting the live scene over the next few years.

In 2003 they were signed to Roadrunner Records, released an EP (Three Colours Black) and began touring the east coast, gaining fans where ever they went.

2005 the band began recording again and changed their name from "Plunja" to what we all know as "The White Room" and they haven't looked back since.

With their single "Enemies Closer", they have been No 1 on K-Rock Radio in Geelong, got a nomination on yahoo.com.au for the "Who's Next?" music promo, getting airplay on regional radio stations across Australia, and are gaining even more fans than before with their infectious live shows.

This is a band that are close to something big and need that extra push to get to that next stage.

Myself and many White Room fans think that Homebake and the Big Day Out would be perfect launch pads. These festivals have helped many local artists gain a mammoth of fans such as Shihad (AKA Pacifier), The Butterfly Effect, and Wolfmother. The Big Day Out has also created loads of fans for international acts such as Queens of the Stone Age, The Music and System Of A Down.

These bands mentioned above are known for their quality live shows, and the White Room are no exception. As quoted by Marc: "It's All About Performance, Not Perfection".

So lets get a band that is taking Rock music forwards to these events where they can be embraced...

We, the undersigned, believe the band "The White Room" deserve a slot on Homebake in Sydney 2006 and a national slot on the Big Day Out lineup, in 2007.

We believe that these festivals celebrate great live music of different genres, and that The White Room deserve to be part of these celebrations.

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