Victorian State Government

The Victorian government used to provide every school student with a School Start Bonus in Prep $300 and Year 7 $600.

In 2012 the Napthine government discontinued this payment for families. It costs alot of money to set up for Primary and Secondary school and all families deserve to be given this payment to help with these costs.

At the moment the only people who can qualify for a payment are Concession card holders who can get $300 for Year 7. I believe that everyone deserves this payment because just because you don't have a Concession card doesn't mean you have alot of money and those people need financial assistance too.

Please sign this petition to get the School Start Bonus back for our kids.

We, the undersigned, call on the Victorian State Government to reinstate the School Start Bonus for every Prep and Year 7 student in Victoria. Prep $300 and Year 7 $600.

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