#Students' Rights
Darren Elliott
United States of America

Sohail is a middle-aged, 27 year old, trendy yet not douchey, Afro-Arab debate coach.

Sohail works extremely hard to provide a safe, hospitable, and competitive environment at work sessions, in prep, and wherever he is needed. He went to Oxford which is pretty cool I guess, and he won't complain about white men being excluded from debate.

He doesn't just drive the van, he is the van, as he carries with him truckloads of knowledge and has with him the Wheels of Justice that ensure that we get to our debate rounds on time. Sohail is pretty dope overall, and he definitely deserves to go to Phi Rho Pi.

We only have one coach going, yet we have 14 overall slots filled, and 8 people to coach. Scott can't do it all, which is why Sohail is a necessity at this year's community college nationals. Let's keep this national champion sign on our freeway exit for KCK.... let's take Sohail!

Here Yee, Here Yee! We, the people of the nation that some call United, stand together and sign this petition to advocate for coaching by Sohail Jouya on behalf of Kansas City Kansas Community College, at this year's CC national tournament: Phi Rho Pi.

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