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Since retiring from football in May 2011 Robbie Savage has found his way onto several radio and television programmes on the BBC.

Robbie Savage is a airwave and screen pollutant, his unique brand of football punditry adds nothing of intelligence to the shows in which he has participated. He has shown himself to be an ignorant, small-minded, rude, arrogant, offensive and downright unamusing in his work as a 'pundit'.

I have had enough of his presence on our airwaves and screens, and have been forced into action as a result. I would prefer the BBC to spend our money hiring an inanimate object or small furry mammal that would provide an equivalent footballing insight without being so very offensive, this would also save the tax payer a significant amount of cash.

We, the undersigned, call on the BBC to cease wasting any tax payer's money on the employment of Robbie Savage.

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