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United Nations employee Mohammed Afzal stands near the rubble of a U.N. building outside Kabul, Afghanistan, on Tuesday. The building was hit during U.S.-led airstrikes. (AP Photo/Amir Shah)

This is GOOD. Got rid of, at least, ONE U.N. building. Time, now, to get rid of the UN in NYC, wouldn't you say? They kicked the US out of there, it's time for us to kick them out of our country and stop supporting them. If we pull all our financing, they can't exist. Let's start a petition to get the UN moved out of the United States of America. They are useless, war-mongering, raping killers that are out for absolute power and nothing else, as their actions in several countries have already proven as have their attempts to disarm citizens of this and all other countries. We are the greatest Nation in the World and we do not need them. God Bless America!

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