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United States of America

As citizens of the United States of America, we have been given the right to vote for the President and other offices that are supposed to protect our best interest and us as citizens. Unfortunately, the popular vote does not elect our officials, the Electoral College does. Below is a link explaining the job of the Electoral College.

I believe the popular vote should be what decides the election. Each vote should matter and should be what decides who becomes our President and Vice President. The main reason citizens decide not to vote is because they feel their vote doesn’t matter; and it doesn’t if the Electoral College is what decides it. If the majority of one state votes for Candidate A and the other part vote for Candidate B, no matter what the numbers are, the Electoral College vote goes to Candidate A. Each state has a different set number of E.C. votes.

Please sign my petition for getting rid of the Electoral College and support the popular vote for deciding who the President is in future elections. EVERY VOTE SHOULD COUNT!

We, the undersigned, call for the Popular Vote to be what decides the Presidential outcome, not the Electoral College. We believe that if the Popular Vote determines the election, more citizens would feel it important to vote for each election.

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