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I can't stand Razorlight, and I'm not alone in that. How anyone can listen to that Living In America song and not puke is beyond me. And how did Somewhere Else get to number one? Are the charts fixed? There is one song I do like which is In The Morning, but one good song does in no way outweigh the terrible ones.

They're annoying and make my blood boil. Why do they get airtime? Is it some kind of sick joke? 'Cause I am not laughing one bit.

This is pretty much just a mickey take for me to vent about how much I don't like them, but if lot's of people signed, then maybe it would actually be worth showing this to a Radio Station.

So please sign it, and get as many other people to sign as you can, and maybe, just maybe, we can make the world a better place.

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