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United States of America

Sept 20, 2002

Passions began airing on NBC a little over three years ago. It started with a good premise and the cability of becoming a new and exciting type of daytime entertainment.

Sadly, it has failed to live up to that expectation, and we are sending this petition in hopes the powers that be, including James E.Reilly, will take notice and get it back on track.

We, the faithful fans of Passions, hereby request and insist that James E. Reilly, and all the writers, get Passions back on track. We were impressed by the promise we saw when Passions first aired, and we believed it could be among the best shows on TV. We understood that, being new, kinks had to be worked out, but we felt that could be done easily.

However, after three years of simplistic, unrealistic language, storylines that go in circles and never end, and characters that change their core beliefs every time the wind blows, we are fed up. Get people to write who know how, get them to end these interminable storylines, and let the couples we love have some happiness for more than a day or two.

We are ready to turn our attention elsewhere if this show is not turned into the that which it has so much potential to become.

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