#Animal Welfare

I Sophie Benbow, call upon my ex husband to STOP using my dog as a pawn in our divorce proceedings. Henri was bought for me as a gift three years ago and I want him back immediately. I am concerned for Henri's welfare and the distress it is causing both of us being seperated for so long as I have spent almost every day with him since he was 8 weeks old. My ex has stated he is not interested in keeping the dog and it is my belief he is holding onto the dog for the wrong reasons. I am pledging that he be returned to me asap so that this manipulation, distress, heartbreak and blackmail can stop happening. #henriandsophie

Please sign this petition if you feel Henri should be returned to me immediately. I want to make a point, not only to help myself but also for others who are experiencing blackmail through their beloved pets after a break up. This is not only about animal welfare it is about empowerment and having the strength and courage to stand up for what is legally and rightfully yours.

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