Liz Sexton

Liz Sexton is a tremendous writer. She is renown amongst friends and family for her dry wit and hilarious emails, blog posts and rejected McSweeney’s submissions. However in the past nine months, it would seem that her creative ink well has gone dry.

She has not written a single blog post, her emails are sparse and irregular and she has yet to scribe a screenplay and/or novel. As admirers of her writing, this is a real bummer.

Hopefully that with enough signatures we will be able to raise Liz out her writer's block funk and propel her into the annals of literary history. It will be like clapping to revive Tinker Bell but passive aggressive.

For samples of Liz’s work, go to http://gerpan.info/category/liz/

We, the undersigned, call on Liz Sexton to resume writing for gerpan.info and/or initiate her own literary endeavor.

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