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BTS가 피츠버그에 오게 해주세요 .
Help us get the chance to see them preform before its too late.
I have never been to concert because I wanted to be able to see BTS as I have been a fan since the beginning but was never able to afford to fly all of the world to see them. What I would do to be able to see them. Please make that possible, not just for me but for every army that lives in my region. Even if you dont live in america or near me, it would mean alot if you still signed it.

Anytime a big artist goes on tour they never stop at the smaller places. There are many Armys Im sure that want to be able to get a chance to see BTS live before its not possible. Help us be able to see our lovely's by signing this petition. Help be able to fulfill the dreams of young ones to be able to get that experience that Armys all over the world are able to have. Loads of people can afford plane tickets to Korea or even to Cali but wish they could. Lets change that and get BTS to come where Army's wont have to worry about money troubles for a night and go see our lovely angels preform.

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