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The Wards Corner Community Coalition have been working to halt the proposed demolition of Wards Corner since 2007. Developer Grainger want to replace the Latin American & African indoor market and the 3 surrounding streets of independent businesses and affordable homes with a soulless block of private rented flats and space for national retail.

On 25th June 2012 Haringey's Planning Committee granted permission to Grainger's plan in-spite of huge opposition from local people including over 400 objections from both the local community and national organisations. This is in addition to the 1, 800 objections to Grainger’s previous application.

Grainger's proposal is a step backwards for Tottenham and would see the loss of many independent local businesses and valued heritage assets. The demolition of Wards Corner would change for the worse the cultural diversity and character of Tottenham and would irrevocably damage the resiliant and growing local economy that has been developed by local traders over many years.

Although Haringey passed the plan the fight is not over yet.

We are petitioning Boris Johnson Mayor of London to call-in the application and determine it for himself. This is the last chance we have of getting this disastrous plan refused as it should have been by Haringey.

The Wards Corner Community Coalition want to see change at Wards Corner and propose a community-led, historically sensitive regeneration of the site, providing new space for local businesses and much needed community facilities.

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We call on Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, to exercise his power to call-in and determine Grainger's application to demolish Wards Corner, ref no's: HGY/2012/915 and HGY/2012/0921.

We believe the Mayor must call this plan in because:

- Haringey's handling of the application was unacceptable. They rushed this major application through in only 6 weeks meaning local people had very little time to properly engage with what are very controversial proposals.

- It is bad practice for the Council to consider multiple similar applications from Grainger. They claim this new application is different enough to be considered, but not different enough to warrant fresh consultation to replace the outdated and poor consultation attempts from 2008. They can't have it both ways.

- There are concerns over the viability of Grainger's proposals and the likelihood they will be able to complete the project.

- Neither Seven Sisters Market nor the other independent businesses on the site will be able to return to the new development, impacting greatly on the livelihoods of the traders and the accessibility to local people of the goods and services these businesses offer. Grainger have offered to rehouse the market however the terms of this agreement make it completely unviable for the traders.

- The proposal is of poor design and involved demolition of Designated Heritage Assets. This will impact negatively on the conservation area and on the overall character of Seven Sisters and Tottenham High Rd Historic Corridor.

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