Spider-Man fans

I heard that Kraven the hunter might be the next Spider-Man villain. i know that Spider-Man isn't in the MCU anymore but i don't care, i just want to see Kraven on the big screen, it doesn't matter if it's his own movie or in the next Spider-Man movie i want to see him on screen being played by gerald butler, the man looks the part he played a villain before in law abiding citizens and he was amazing in it. Am a huge Spider-Man man fan and Gerald butler has been my dream casting as Kraven for a long time that why i hope he gets the part

I made this petion to give Gerald butler the part because i know he's probably not even being considered for the part by sony and i want to change that, that why i want people to sign this petion to give Gerald butler a chance. #givegeraldbutlerachance

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