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The growth of farmers markets throughout Georgia has been explosive. In 2003 there were 9 recorded markets in the state. In 2014, we estimate that there are close to 180. The growth of farmers markets has been a good thing for farmers, consumers and the communities that these markets serve.

With growth, however, comes growing pains. The laws and regulations regarding food safety are undergoing a sea change right now. The upcoming food safety bill will present farmers market managers with a lot of new regulations. Many municipalities are looking at zoning laws in light of the growth of markets. Market managers will need to understand these changes and adapt to them in their markets.

For several years, an effort has been made to create a statewide farmers association. To date, we have not been able to secure the funding necessary to make this a reality.

This organization will:

1-Provide market managers with education and technical assistance to help them run better markets in accordance with upcoming laws.

2-Help people looking to start farmers markets with information on how to set them up

3-Create statewide marketing campaigns about all of the wonderful markets in the state

4-Educate consumers about the markets in their area and the farmers who serve them

We are going to attempt to secure funding for this much needed organization again from some state and federal funding sources. Please help us by signing this petition indicating your support for the Georgia Farmers Market Association and the potential work it can do.

We think the formation of the Georgia Farmers Market Association is critical to helping to maintain a healthy and safe farmers market environment in the state of Georgia and should be funded through applicable programs should funding be available.

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