Mayor - City of Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States of America

Geocaching is a worldwide sport involving the use of a GPS receiver to find a specific site. The location of the site may contain an actual hidden cache, a point of interest or unusual view, an event, or some other reason.

Most caches are located on city, county, state and federal public grounds. The property is not damaged and in most cases, trash and litter is removed by geocachers.

The Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Department has banned the placing of geocaches in all City parks. One of the reasons is that it damages the environment. However, the Department allows horse and mountain bike traffic in the parks. What could be more damaging? The Department has also spent money for developing skateboard areas. Geocaching is of no expense to the City.

We, the undersigned, request the City of Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation Department open their parks to the placing of geocaches. The party placing the cache shall be totally responsible for the cache site that it will not damage the environment or interfere with other activities.

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