Broward County School Board
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The evidence I have gathered, is that my teacher (will not be named) has received numerous complaints and requests to do the changes stated. This and many other factors has brought me to my conclusion.

To begin, I, Nathan Anderson, hereby request that the Broward County School Board, change the policy in which the all high school level classes taken in a middle school level no longer count for the high school GPA.

I also request that the students who take the GEM 7th math program are now able to take the same course the following year if able.

I make these requests due to the fact that any student who does not complete the year with a course average of C or above and 75% or higher on district semester examinations should be exited from the program. This brings me to the reason, if a student receives a 75 percentile on their overall grade, the students will be forced to enter remedial math also known as regular, providing inadequate learning and skills necessary for high school, college, and possibly beyond. I do not wish to cancel the regular program that would be ludicrous.

I am saying that I wish to change the program rules, meaning if they have an adequate grade for advanced 8th, they should be allowed to attend that course.

The undersigned also agree to this proposal.

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