#Neighborhood Living
10 Downing Street
United Kingdom

I know that not all gangs are bad - quite the opposite, I'm in one, but recently I was on my own in a newsagent when 2 girls and a boy walked in. I paid no attention and carried on buying my magazine. One of the girls shoved past me, knocking me off balance, and the other two laughed. I stared at them as they walked out, and the girl who pushed me turned and said "Is there a reason why you're lookin' at me? Is there a reason why you're fukin lookin' at me?" She carried on shouting, saying i needed a good slap etc., and eventually they left.

I was extremely shook up, as anything could have happened. They left me very scared with a huge bruise on my shoulder. At any other time I could have been attacked. The only reason I wasn't was coz I was in a shop. Please help, should street gangs be controlled?

This petition is to help control gangs who may be terrorising our neighbourhoods.

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