Sabah opposition parties leaders

To fellow Sabah Voters:

The power of opposition parties in Malaysia is the strongest now and yet scattered at the same time.

Similar situation happens in Sabah. Despite all opposition parties in Sabah, namely Pakatan Harapan, United Sabah Alliance, or Sabah Heritage Party agree on Sabah autonomy, Malaysia Agreement 1963 and toppling of BN government as common targets, they barely agree on each other and work together to achieve the common targets.

Nonetheless, these scattered powers are not gelled together entirely due to the leaders’ intention to grab majority seats in the assembly.

However, this does not mean the opposition powers never come together as one.

Sabahans should not continue to allow Sabah politicians to manipulate Sabah’s destiny. As brilliant voters, we should voice out our intention to the leaders of Sabah Opposition Parties Leaders.

For the past one month, Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman spotted the juncture whereby the opposition parties are still falling apart and hence the rumours regarding state election would be expected as early as April 2017. However, the strongest fortress of BN in East Coast of Sabah started to feel the opposition tremor after the last GE. Therefore, the incoming GE will be the best time for change of government!

If we do not want to see our beloved Sabah continues to be occupied by illegal immigrants, not to see the abundant wealth of Sabah to be continuously exploited by the unfaithful politicians, not to see the harmonious racial relationship being destroyed and provoked by the extremists, we shall sign this noble and great petition.

We hope that the petition is signed and shared so that everyone is aware of the intention of the petition.

Last but not least:

"Gabungkan Pembangkang Sabah, Satu Lawan Satu!"

An Ordinary Sabah Voter



同样的情况也出现在沙巴,不管是希望联盟、沙巴团结联盟(United Sabah Alliance)或是沙巴复兴党(Sabah Heritage Party),皆认同沙巴自主权、《1963马来西亚协议》和推翻国阵的目标,但却无法好好合作。





Gabungkan Pembangkang Sabah, Satu Lawan Satu!

We, the undersigned, call on the opposition leaders of Sabah to cooperate and fight one by one to Barisan National.

In 2013, Sabah has close to one million voters as per registered and voters who cast votes for opposition parties (state assembly) in 2013 was around 320,000. Our target is to obtain 100,000 signatures in the petition. We hope that the petition is signed and shared so that everyone is aware of the intention of the petition.



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