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Every day, twice a day through out the school year our children stand beside busy roads waiting for the school bus without any safety measures to warn motorists. In Florida alone 3-7 children are killed annually at their school bus stops.

The school districts rely solely on the school bus being at the stop for bus stop safety, but until the bus arrives our children are vulnerable. Since Gabrielle (Gabby) Mair's death on June 1, 2010, four other children have been killed at their bus stop waiting for the bus and after the bus left.

Warning signs for motorist as to the location of the bus stop with temporary reduced speedlimit on roadways with speedlimits greater than 25 MPH would eliminate or greatly reduce the needless tragic deaths.

We, the undersigned, call on Florida legislators to change Florida Statute 1006.22(12)(c) to make the placement of signs warning motorist of the locations of school bus stops mandatory at all school bus stops placed on roadways with speedlimits greater than 25 MPH.

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