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Family Court of Australia

In December 2014 my Partner and I decided to not allow his then 7 year old autistic son to be returned to his Mothers home, after a weekend visit to his grandma's house.

We had became aware that his son had just disclosed unprompted information about physical abuse to his paternal grandmother (this was also captured as video footage, which was ignored by our local magistrate), Just hours prior, His Mother had whipped him with an electrical lead across the top of the thighs, for cutting through a live wire with a pair of scissors.

We made reports to our local police station along with visits to our local gp. Gained legal advice, along with reporting it to FACS.

Prior to this incident we had growing concerns about the Health/Wellbeing and Safety of my partners son (and also his then 6 year old daughter).

When the son would visit, each time he showed up with different bruising. Fingerprint bruises to his back, jawline and inner arms, along with a split chin and cuts to forehead were to name only a few. Complaining of a sore arm and back, due to the Mother's partner.

He was always malnourished and underweight, had to constantly be reminded to wipe his bottom, flush and wash his hands with every toilet visit.

Always unkempt, his clothing too small, and smelling like a rubbish dump, his shoes falling to pieces and his lunch box uncloseable with sharp jaggered edges.

There were bite marks all over his little body from fleas and misquitos, lice in his hair and untreated worm infestation on more than one occasions. We would give him vitamins, treat his bites, worms, wash his clothes, hair etc. Yet every fortnight weekend it would be the same.

We were served a Recovery Order to return my partners son. Which we did, though feared more neglect and abuse would follow, what happened was worse, the children were kept away for more than 6mths, it was stated in the court at the time of order that visitation were to continue as previously arranged, though despite our letter requests, on more than two occasions. Text msgs to organize a more suitable meeting place for the Mother etc, they were ignored.

The Mother and her partners untreated Drug & Alcohol Addictions along with mental health issues and leaving my partners son & daughter at home unattended more than 3 nights a week for up to 30mins at time is a huge safety concern to use.

The Mother and partner are now due to have their second child (their first being just 18mths) along with the partners 6yr old living at the house too, we feel that my partners children are being neglected more and more.

Recently the son has now been suspended from school, due to breaking a window and door. This behaviour followed after the son voiced to his father that his Mothers Partner slapped him in the back of the head really hard, and forced him to stand in the corner for hours. And that he no longer wished to go back to the Mothers house to live.

The Family Consultant, Independent Children's Lawyers, FACS, the education system, Police department are all well aware of all of these issues and yet no mandatory reporting or intervention seems to be occuring, along with a advice of neglect & abuse that has been filed to the courts.

We the undersigned requests to the Family Law Court of Australia, that the child/ren be taken out of the mother's current neglectful and abusive living situation and placed into the protective and nurturing care of the child/rens father.

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