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Employment rights
Many private employers will conduct background checks and choose not to hire felons. They are allowed to discriminate in this way, but it is not a requirement. However, certain public positions bar felons from taking employment. These include employment with the U.S. Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, teachers, child care professionals and many jobs that require a professional license.

Renting Rights
2. I recently applied for a apartment and was rejected. The reason they gave me was stated in one word: criminal. I have a felony conviction almost 10 years old. Is this a form of discrimination?

We, the undersigned call on the State of Texas to eliminate or seal criminal background of convicted felons records after at least 3 years after serving jail time and or probation/parole and there are no more legal issues such as arrest, other crimes convicted or charged with any crime during the three year "FREEMEE" period you record is sealed.

If u do commit any crime committed after it's been unsealed the background will be unsealed for the rest of your life. Certain convictions such as aggravated assault, murder, assault on children or elderly, and sex offenders will not qualify for the "FREEMEE" law.

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