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Mr. G.--Landlord
United States of America

The purpose of this petition is to convince my landlord to allow me to get a dog. A bit of background... I never signed a lease that said I could not have animals. I have a good relationship with my landlord, and enjoy living at my current location. If I get a dog, my landlord said I would need to move out.

My landlord has a dog of his own, and he let another tenant bring home a stray dog with the intent to keep it (though the real owner was later found). He also let a tenant keep a cat (which ran freely throughout the entire residence) even though he was severely allegic to the animal.

My landlord's argument is that he does not want me to have a dog that sheds. I have happily agreed to find a dog that fits any of his criteria, yet he still refuses to let me get one--yet. He said he will consider it in the future, but will not give me a date.

A year and a half ago, my dog passed away (before I lived at this location). I have been deeply effected ever since her death. I have waited until I was ready for another dog before I began pursuing the possibility of getting another dog.

Included in this petition is a picture of a NAID dog which does not shed, cause allergies, and is very friendly. I am hoping to be able to get a puppy from this dog.

Please help me in my quest to get a dog.

Please allow your tenant, Ms.J, to get a dog.

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