#Human Rights

Once again at a right wing gathering in St Kilda we were beseiged by hooligan left wing, taking away our right to have an opinion and the freedom to express it without MALICE. Once again they brought violence and once again we were blamed. The media called us the far right and the lefties were the anti racist group.
If we are able to be left alone at all our meetings there would be no violence. We would protest peacefully, air our views, listen to our speakers then go home. But we are being silenced and our basic rights taken away. And politicians even right wing ones join in the vilification of our rights.
Why can't we express our views?The left do, GetUp do, the Greens do. They aren't labelled or villified by anyone.
We need to take back our rights. We are being silenced gradually more and more. So we have to work harder and take back rights that should be ours anyway.
What the left rabble and the media and politicians reprimanding us are doing is fascism.....meanwhile that is what they call us. It's a human rights crime to take our rights away.....we have to make a stand now before we are altogether silenced.

We, the concerned people of Australia, want our right to an opinion and the freedom to express it without malice as set out in the UNs Human Rights Charter. We want to protest peacefully without interference from opposing groups or slander from the media. We want our chance to be heard without being told to shut up.

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