#Human Rights

The case 129641 of Mr. Tracy Alen Zornes
has come to my attention, an American Native living in the “White Earth Indian Reservation”, until he was arrested in 2011 and is incarcerated since then, for almost 10 years now, in the Oak Park Heights Prison.

After carefully and thoroughly studying of all available information regarding this case, I believe that Tracy Alen Zornes did not receive a fair trial in court. The newest evidence in this case also directs to his innocence. It also fell to my attention, that there was pre-judgement from local news media before the trial.

Tracy Alan Zornes was convicted in 2011 for Arson and Murder and received a live sentence without parole.

Following are the most important arguments, pointing towards his innocence:

● No DNA evidence connecting Tracy Alan Zornes to the crime
● There may be also DNA, that was collected after the conviction, but never tested
● An independent forensic pathologist ruled out the alleged murder weapon in Mr. Zornes possession. The only actual „evidence“presented at his trial.
● A private investigator has uncovered a much better suspect who was present the night of the crime and seen leaving the building at the time of the murders
● The police tunnel visioned toward Tracy Alan Zornes, never investigating any other suspect or contradicting evidence

Together we are strong and can help Tracy to fight for his rights as a human.

Lisa Marie Eder
International Human & Medical Aid

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