#Animal Rights

This petition has been created to show SeaWorld how many people are for the release of their captive marine mammals. Statistics have shown that captive orcas only live around 20 years on average; a far cry from the 60 years of wild orcas.

These intelligent, powerful animals are reduced to sideshow attractions; no better than the dancing bear attractions, that are now banned.

Together we can provide a voice for these animals, and help them be rehabilitated and moved to sea pens where they can live out the rest of their lives without the stresses of performing.

We, the undersigned, plead with SeaWorld to free their captive marine mammals; these powerful, beautiful and intelligent creatures need not be incarcerated and forced to perform.

We wish for SeaWorld to rehabilitate their captive animals back into the wild if possible, or free them to sea pens if necessary, and breed no more.

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The Free Tilikum, and Other Captive Marine Mammals petition to SeaWorld was written by Jodie Sullivan and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.