The Highways Dpeartmet of the British Government
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People who depend on the Severn River Crossings are unfairly discriminated against by the Government and its Highways Departments by the application of road tolls. Although these are significant civil engineering achievements, there are other important road constructions where no tolls are charged to local residents such as the Thelwall Viaducts on the M6 motorway across the River Mersey and Manchester Ship Canal or the Southwick Tunnel on the A27 Brighton By-Pass as examples. Even tolls on other crossings such as the Dartmouth Crossings of the River Thames are significantly lower.

The Severn Bridge tolls punish the local residents to the tune of over £1250 per working day year. This translates to a need for at least an extra £2000 gross salary to be on an equal footing with drivers from so many other areas whose transport costs are included in Road Tax expenditure. This is unjust and discriminatory and may well be an issue that should be brought to the European Court of Human Rights.

We call upon the Government of the United Kingdom to scrap all tolls on the Severn Bridge Crossings and that the maintenance expenses incurred by their building be transferred into the Vehicle Road Tax raising system.

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