#Children's Rights
Ian Blayney

It is heart breaking hearing parents say that they do not send their kids to school because they have no money to give them for lunch or no food for a packed lunch.

It's saddening that children from low income families or single parents are not getting the education they need because there is no money for lunch.

I think the government should introduce Free School Lunches for children that do come from low income families and or single parents.

Children have the right the learn, they are our future. Don't we want children to be able to go to school and not grow hungry. They need their lunches to help them get through the day, and concentrate on their work. For some children that may be the only meal they have that day.

Better prepared children, means better test scores, brighter future for the children and the Australian society.

In the UK there is a system put in place, that if the child comes from a low income families and or single parents, that are entitled to any government support, they get free school meals.

Doesn't it make sense that the Australian government implements a similar system.

Please help us get the signatures for this issue to be take to the parliament, then hopefully we can help out those children that really do need it.

We, the undersigned, request the members of the government to implement a system that will give children from low income families and or single parents free school lunches.

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