#Civil Rights
Government of Canada

In 1993, Robert Latimer killed his 12 year old daughter, Tracy. She had cerebral palsy and had many, many surgeries to correct this, and she was about to go for another one before she passed.

After he was convicted of second degree murder in 1994, a new trial was declared for Latimer, because it was brought to light that some jury members were asked what they thought of euthanasia and mercy killings. In 1997, the second trial jury reached the conclusion of second degree murder, but be allowed to apply for parole in one year. Three weeks later, Justice Judge Ted Noble gives Latimer "constitutional exemption" and gives him two years, one which would be served in the community.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeals scratched that, and gave him life with parole in 10 years. No appeals worked after that, so now he sits in a minimum security prison in B.C. Today (Dec. 5), his bid for day parole was denied, because he still maintains that he felt it was the right decision.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Canada to intervene and allow Robert Latimer to be granted day parole.

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